Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'm curious to see if this comment at Brad DeLong's blog stays up:
For y'all's info, Prof. DeLong has censored some of my argument above, leaving a distorted record of my position. I keep forgetting that, while this is a fine blog, it's not always open to the free exchange of ideas that irk him.

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Blogger brad said...

As I say, I'm trying to run a discussion, not a food fight. Complaints about comments policy are welcome at:

11/2/07 11:30  
Blogger rilkefan said...

"I dislike weak arguments, even - or rather, especially - in good causes" is not food-fighting. "Agreeing in part and disagreeing in part with an argument isn't 'subverting'" is not food-fighting. "I don't know if there's evidence that Bob Somerby is having an effect, but I wish him luck. Still, it seems to me reasonable for the voters (and hence the press) to consider cultural origins, and names are important proxies. Prof DeLong's argument misses this" is not food-fighting. Acting defensively by deleting polite, topical, but critical comments is not "tending the conversation".

[above comments reconstructed (hence approximate) due to Brad's censoring]

11/2/07 11:47  

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