Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Unclear on the concept of waves

During recent travels I spent some time staring at the back of airline seats. They've begun sprouting screens, and the airline in question has a little program no doubt intended to help passengers decompress after being jammed through the bottlenecks of security and boarding. The program showed images of waves coming ashore or striking rocks and so forth. But there would be only one cycle then a jump-cut to the next location. They don't understand that the whole point of watching waves is that each wave is like the previous but slightly different, with a varying pattern to the repetition. One wave is nothing. The effect was to agitate, not to calm.


Blogger Azael said...

Yea, it's pretty freaky to see zero whites of the eyes. It's like he's on E or something...

17/1/07 23:38  
Blogger Azael said...

well, wrong post. Ah, the wonders of RSS. Just imagine this was the post on Buckley's Marty Feldman eyes.

18/1/07 09:40  

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