Friday, February 02, 2007

John Edwards and blogs

I'm sorry to learn that John Edwards has hired Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon (note the unfortunate "of all the candidates in the field, the only one worth my endorsement is x" rhetoric). I've commented in disagreement on her posts a few times and found her intemperate and unable to defend her positions. She's apparently scrubbed the site, but people have captures of embarrassing material I'd not want Edwards to get associated with. Fortunately he's also hired a very reasonable blogger, Shakespeare's Sister.



Blogger Azael said...

Just a comment on the non-transitive nature of respect.

Rilkefan admires Shakespeare's Sister who admires Amanda.

From this we cannot conclude that Rilkfan admires Amanda.

Just sayin'

3/2/07 19:20  
Blogger rilkefan said...

Good point, and probably one essential to understanding e.g. comedy. A loves only B, B loves only C, does C love A? Or maybe just C?

3/2/07 21:46  
Blogger Azael said...

Interesting to note that the whole "cleansing of the blog" bit seems to be a key piece of the right wing hit squad here. Lot's of very prominent bloggers on the left coming to her defense.

Myself, I've never read Amanda so I can't say much about her rhetorical style, but I think this is a very good example of feeding the right wing frenzy rather than simply airing differences.

Just sayin...

5/2/07 08:07  
Blogger rilkefan said...

I'm unaware of any "right-wing hit squad" action - I just know that Marcotte did not blog like a ready-for-prime-time adult when I interacted with her (e.g., she called me an "oinker" once when I asked her to cite data to back up a claim), and that she has disappeared a number of criticized posts. I rather wonder if the Edwards operation did even minimal vetting, and if so I wonder about their competence.

5/2/07 09:05  
Anonymous wmr said...

Early in the 'Excitable' thread on ObWi, you wrote But it's easy to find way more unfortunate stuff out there than Marcotte - check out Orcinus or thepoorman or ...a

What is it that you find "unforunate" on Orcinus?

8/2/07 10:24  
Blogger rilkefan said...

wmr, in case you're unfamiliar with those blogs, they specialize or have a central interest in exposing bad and stupid stuff on the right.

8/2/07 10:45  
Anonymous wmr said...

I'm fairly familiar with Orcinus, but not a regular reader.

But from the context of your original comment, I got the impression that there was something you found objectionable beyond their partisan focus.

8/2/07 11:04  

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