Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another What Clinton Should Do Post

I think Obama's campaign's most effective tactics have been despicable, and HRC has a pretty good case that she'd be the better candidate in the fall given Ohio and Florida and all the ammunition Obama has handed McCain lately, but I take it that the party (though not the Democratic voters) will chose Obama. So what should Clinton do now?

BTD has a good post on the subject here - basically saying that it would be reasonable for her to continue her campaign but run against McCain. He also suggests Wes Clark as Obama's VP, which makes sense, because Clark would be a good Clinton proxy, a good attack dog, and would add geographic/cultural balance while providing unquestionable experience.

I was wondering what Clinton could buy with a promise to effectively suspend her campaign for the nomination as above, and it occurs to me that in that case Obama could freely drop his strategy of disenfranchising MI/FL. This (presumably tacit) quid pro quo would help both of them save face and would go a long way towards healing the wounds in the party.



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