Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reading a Tell

See Bob Somerby on reading a tell here. Also another in a rather tragic series of devastating links to Josh Marshall burning his reputation at both ends.

[I've used the label "learning to read" (which I intend to use a fair amount in the coming weeks, having been thinking about that for a while) because the phrase is such a nice metaphor and because the skill is essential in reading as in the more typically relevant forms of interaction.]

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Anonymous Azael said...

Geebus. Somerby is often like the guy who sat in the back of all my EE and Physics classes who couldn't seem to comprehend significant digits and always screamed about the rounding.

I mean, really. This is Josh burning his reputation? Geez, guys. Get some perspective.

Oh well. Seems as though the democrats are in fine form and in perfect shape for self destruction by nitpicking and back stabbing.

17/3/08 08:01  
Blogger rilkefan said...

Somerby is plain right on some stuff - you have to do better than this silly ad hom.

Marshall casually smearing a Dem in a completely evidence-free way? Sure, that's him burning his rep, given, as the post notes, the fact that this is just the latest embarrassment from TPM.

In view of the likely jettisoning of FL's EVs today (thanks DNC! thanks Obama! thanks FL cong. del.! thanks even HRC!) you're right about the back-stabbing.

17/3/08 20:28  

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