Monday, November 26, 2007

A room lit from two sides

Somewhere I read that people prefer to be in rooms lit from two sides. Recently Rilkekind got his long-awaited surgery to fix his insides, and everything went as well as could be hoped. Still, he wasn't very happy for several days. We were in a two-crib hospital room and were separated from the window by the curtain giving the other family privacy. Rilkekind spent a lot of time pointing out the door toward a glass door opening on an outdoor patio. Then on the second day there the other family went home, the curtain was drawn back, and the room was lit by the window and the door - and Rilkekind started looking happy.

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Blogger John Thullen said...

"and Rilkefan started looking happy."

Whatever the reason, that must have been a fine moment for the three of you.

As to the light, biologically-grounded responses must be triggered by natural light .... which now that I reread that, sounds abysmally obvious. But I'm in a dark room and I've no light to shed.

I think science is beginning to answer some of the questions about this subject.

I wonder if the reported phenomenon
of humans being drawn toward a light the few moments after the body expires is really just a last hope and firing of our light receptors for someone, anyone, to pull back the curtain and open a window.

Now, I must choose an identity to post this comment. I wonder who I am today.

28/11/07 08:35  

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