Monday, April 09, 2007

The state of the blog debate on Obama

An excellent post by Neil at Ezra Klein's blog about skepticism about Obama, with a lively discussion in comments.

It's interesting how, after years of life on liberal blogs being simple (because Bush-directed) and ultimately stultifying, there's a return to debate.



Anonymous John Thullen said...

Yes, interesting thread, and you're correct that blog debate can only be improved by the dynamics of the already hot primary campaigns.

It's still too early for me to look very closely at anyone.

In a way, the early commencement of the campaigns is a de facto parliamentary vote of no confidence in the current denizens of the White House.

It is difficult to come up with new snarky or substantive ways to tell these people to go away.

McCain seems to be throwing everything at the wall and hoping everyone forgets the stuff that didn't stick.

Romney is a mannequin in the shop window redressed twice a day. A tux and top hat in the morning and a bikini with chastity belt in the afternoon. He's got a walk-in-closet of political personas.

Clinton will turn out to be the steadiest and steadfast of all, which is both dangerous and comforting, not to mention wearying.

Obama is in "Being There" mode. He's calculated that it's too early to be nailed down. Besides, as soon as he gets specific, he'll be nailed up.

Edwards .... Edwards .. I don't know. But I can't find anything I abhor. I think he moves well in many different contexts.

It all makes my head hurt.

12/4/07 08:40  
Blogger rilkefan said...

I wonder if we're being set up for a cosmic pratfall - our candidates look good, theirs look awful, the country is getting more liberal - maybe 2008 on will be an awful time to be in power, as all the bills come due at once.

12/4/07 17:11  

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