Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Schiavo videotape technique

Rilkekind's grandmother, who earlier in her career was a pediatrician, says that the cooing sound he makes at her isn't developmentally appropriate. My guess is that he happened to make that noise randomly a few times in her presence. Something similar
occurred at his first doctor's visit - the pediatrician commented on the fact that he was sucking his thumb. I said, "Yes, I've seen that a few times - I thought he shouldn't be able to do that", and she replied, "No, he shouldn't". I think it's just that he's pretty good at catching his fist in his mouth and sometimes ends up with just his thumb.

I liked his doctor - she was very no-nonsense and info-dense. When we asked about Rilkekind's sharp little fingernails, she said, "File them. It's very hard to clip them and it's very sad when parents slip and snip the ends of their children's fingers off." Well, something like that - it wasn't shocking at the time, but it stuck with me - no doubt designed to do so. I'm certainly going to buy an emory board at the first opportunity.


Blogger LizardBreath said...

You know, you can just nibble long baby fingernails off -- it's a lot easier than filing. Catch an edge of the nail between your teeth and they peel right off.

(Maybe not totally hygenic, but it never did my babies any harm.)

14/7/06 14:17  
Blogger rilkefan said...

Wow, that's an economical solution. Kind of a scary one too ("No, doctor, the dog didn't bite our baby's finger, it was me").

I'll run it by Mrs. R.

14/7/06 14:24  

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