Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rabbi Gellman hits eleven on the clueless or disingenuous scale

I can humbly ask whether my atheist brothers and sisters really believe that their lives are better, richer and more hopeful by clinging to Camus's existential despair: “The purpose of life is that it ends." I can agree to make peace with atheists whom I believe ask too little of life here on planet earth if they will agree to make peace with me and with other religious folk who perhaps have asked too much.
Rabbi Gellman can't be that clueless, so I'm going with extraordinarily disingenuous.

Via Brad DeLong (who [entirely unrelatedly] has trouble reading Lolita here).


Blogger Simon said...

The big question concerning the universe - is religion a deliberate con-trick? Perhaps we'll never know.

22/5/06 02:45  
Anonymous John Thullen said...

If you look to the right side of the Rabbi Gellman article page under "Newsmakers" and click, you'll find this quote from one Mischa Barton:

"Well, I was really excited that I get to die, to be honest. I've done pretty much everything else with the character. It was better than one of those lame farewells."

An answer to the Rabbi, or to Camus? I don't know. But those words could have been Clare Quilty's response to Humbert Humbert as well.

Or, maybe its' just "poshlust".

24/5/06 12:18  
Anonymous John Thullen said...

or maybe "poshlost"

24/5/06 12:21  
Blogger rilkefan said...

... the fruit
Of that forbidden store whose expensive taste
Brought debt into the world, and all our woe...

"Brutes, bores, class-conscious Philistines, Freud, Marx, fake thinkers, puffed-up poets, frauds and sharks."

24/5/06 12:31  
Blogger Jackmormon said...

It's funny coming across this a day after I introduced my secular Shi'ite boyf. to the book of Ecclesiastes.

8/6/06 12:51  

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