Sunday, May 14, 2006

Alas, I think I am becoming an engineer

Vae puto machinator fio. When I introduce myself as a physicist, Mrs R.'s brow tends to furrow, because since she insisted I give up my bohemian lifestyle and earn a living I've been writing programs and futzing with electronics from more of an engineering than a physics perspective.

On the other hand, I assembled Rilkekind's crib yesterday, my attention only slightly distracted by a baseball game. It probably took me an hour, in part because there were a couple of bits where I could have used an extra pair of hands. Anyway, I went looking for a faq on the right height adjustment to use, and came across the Amazon reviews of the crib, a couple of which I read, both from people who had assembled the thing by themselves in 20 minutes - one of whom was 8.5 mo pregnant at the time.


Blogger Jackmormon said...

It'll be alright. My father abandoned his not-exactly blossoming career in what was then called theoretical chemistry for an engineering career. He took his family on a lot of great hikes on the weekends. I'm at a similar stage of life, trying to figure out what the English ABD equivalent of engineering is. Publishing?

18/5/06 18:00  

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