Saturday, July 02, 2005


Here's John Cornyn saying something not insane. He's wrong - partisanly or stupidly so - when he says that Bush's controversial nominees enjoy "bipartisan majority support" (if so, they couldn't be blocked by a minority of a minority party) - or engaging in sophistry (the majority of the majority + 1 minority [where the above is a majority] is a "bipartisan majority"). But that's par for the course, and it's nice to get him on record opposing litmus tests for the day President Clark's first nominee to the SCOTUS (Laurence Tribe?) comes up for confirmation.

All of which is uninteresting; I'm linking because I've said less than entirely scathing things about the much-derided Senator in the past and because I came across the article through this DailyKos post by Hunter, who identifies him as (R-Galapagos)...


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