Monday, June 27, 2005

My New Bible, Book 0, Chapter 0

  1. In the untime before Time,
  2. God dreamt a Creation of unity and light.
  3. And God saw that it was beautiful and good,
  4. And Her joy was infinite.
  5. And God saw this this Creation was empty of life,
  6. And Her pain was greater,
  7. So great it split Her Being.
  8. And thence issued forth our Universe,
  9. Its stars burning with unbearable light
  10. Only to collapse into infinite dark
  11. Or burst or fall into futility,
  12. And between them stretched vast depths of cold
  13. Still rippling with God's scream;
  14. And scattered upon the deep were worlds
  15. Where intelligence arose
  16. To look upon God's pain and join Her suffering.



Anonymous Jesurgislac said...

This is splendid.

29/6/05 23:32  

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