Friday, July 01, 2005

The Yankees should call up Lucy

Time for a youth movement.

SG at the Replacement Level Yankee Blog writes in fine cutting fashion:
It also doesn't make sense on a team that has no one who is capable of playing average defense in the outfield, to only carry 2 legitimate outfielders. Bernie is not an OF as long as he is being trotted out to center, Womack is not an outfielder, and Sierra is not an outfielder. They can put on gloves and stand out there, but they're not outfielders.
And Larry says:
The Yankees have suffered through a lot of lousy players, far more than a team of their resources ever should. And yet it is likely that no single player has been more damaging to the Yankees than Tony Womack. Certainly in the past decade, perhaps ever. Perhaps no player has ever been more damaging to any team in history.

Apparently Lucy plays RF or CF. I don't recognize the names of Charlie Brown's other fielders, so I guess they're career minor leaguers.



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