Sunday, April 10, 2005

Every liberal blogger tears out her or his hair

The NYTimes logs a correction:
"An article on Thursday about economic assumptions by the Bush administration on personal retirement accounts misstated the amount of payroll taxes people would be allowed to divert to them. It is up to 4 percentage points - not 4 percent - of the 6.2 percent of wages that workers now pay in payroll taxes. (Go to Article)."

Anticipated correction for next week:
"An article on Monday about the President's approval rating misstated his popularity. It is 45%, not 450%."

Anticipated correction for the week after that:
"An article on Wednesday about the size of the surplus in the proposed budget misstated the sign of the excess of receipts over expenditures."

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Anonymous The Heretik said...

Dark with snark. Very bad. Very nice. Keep it up.

11/4/05 13:34  

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