Sunday, April 03, 2005

Requiescat in pace

[pretend there's a fold here]

Frank Perdue.

Note that "pace" is the correct form - ablative with "in" - though "pacem" seems to be becoming widespread.

My friend Le Chien Salé writes:

It takes a tough man to sell a tender chicken
-Frank Perdue in his ads

It takes a smart man to sell an empty box.
- a friend of mine's father (he owned a cardboard box factory)

(the above psuedonym is not "sale chien" [this time?], and "salty" is intended, not "salted")


Anonymous Le Chien Sal&Egrave said...

How do you get that nice accent over the e in HTML? I tried
"view source" but you have the
accent cleverly already in there.

4/4/05 08:46  
Blogger rilkefan said...

First off, you need a trailing ";" after the "ampersandeacute"- Le Chien Salé. Then you let blogger do its magic.

4/4/05 09:57  

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