Friday, April 29, 2005

Damned lies and A-Rod

Cliff Corcoran at the excellent Bronx Banter says (in comments),
Jim Baker has a telling stat in today's Prospectus Matchups column on Baseball Prospectus [see here if you have a subscription, unlike me - Rilkefan]:
"If you take away the two masterful Mondays past of Alex Rodriguez, you find a player with a line of .233/.283/.372."

Note that this means tossing out the top 1/11th of A-Rod's games. Let's try this with a gaussian distribution...

(click image for readable size.)

Amazingly, if you ignore his best days, A-Rod is a much worse player - about 20%.

Note I got to use 100k games. That's better statistics than 22 games...

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