Sunday, April 17, 2005

When I read her this, my fiancee had to take a Tums

From commenter Incertus of at Brad DeLong's blog:
Hamdog--hot dog wrapped with a hamburger patty, deep-fried, served on a hoagie roll with chili, cheese, onions and a fried egg.

The Luther Burger--a double bacon cheeseburger served on two Krispy Kreme donuts as the bun.


Anonymous Le Chien Sale said...

Sounds even better than a turducken.

19/4/05 13:20  
Blogger rilkefan said...

"Turducken" being a dish involving stuffing a chicken in a duck in a turkey. Here's a recipe, which calls for the above plus andouille sausage to stuff the duck and shrimp to stuff the chicken, plus a small hammer.

19/4/05 13:31  

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