Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Editors, wanking

This is weird - a stupid and angry post from one of the best bloggers in the sphere. Hopefully just a 5-sigma aberration.


Blogger Azael said...

? Commenting on those who have power they are refusing to use is hardly a tantrum. John's actions are the precise definition of Onanism. He's doing something that, if put to it's proper use, would be creative and show actual fruit. Instead, he's merely doing something for self pleasure and cookies which results in nothing at all.

Agree or disagree, but characterizing this as a stupid, angry post misses his point entirely.

Cole has a lot of potential power he is merely wasting in looking for cookies for dealing with the obvious.

13/7/06 13:42  
Blogger rilkefan said...

I think John does something useful with whatever power he has - he's a former stalwart conservative who now points out the admin's idiocies on a regular basis. I don't see him looking for cookies - I see him calling the news as he sees it and hosting an energetic community which is interested in a combination of debate and mudslinging. (Plus his co-blogger Tim F. is excellent from any perspective - just providing him a forum is sufficient service in my view.)

And even if he's not that useful, calling him a "grade-A loon" for insufficient fervor is just stupid and angry. Compare your argument to The Editors's - I disagree with your position, but it's just something to argue about, while the latter comes across as, well, unhinged. Next he's going to say Kevin Drum is a menace by being too moderate.

13/7/06 14:43  

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