Saturday, October 15, 2005

In defense of Judith Miller's veracity

Judith Miller says she can't remember just who it was who leaked Valerie "Flame"'s name to her. At first I thought, how could she not know? She had learned the name a couple of weeks before Novak's column blew up in his face, and surely she realized how important the leaker's identity was, and surely she can't have forgotten since. But a sort of "Orient Express" explanation might be at work: she had conversations with multiple WH officials who might well have leaked the crucial bit of info to her while selling the general smear and she couldn't remember which one or more it was. She wasn't approaching this information as a journalist, after all, but a participant, and what Libby said or Rove said or even Tim Russert said on the matter was more important than which one it was.


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