Friday, October 14, 2005

Brad DeLong discovers something amazing

Brad DeLong discovers that tv shows have commercials and credits.

Mrs. R. and I continue to watch season 3 of BtVS on dvd. I find that the missing commercial breaks throw off the episodes' timing. On tv, someone tells a joke, or something surprising or scary happens, and the screen goes black; then there's a commercial break, which functions as a beat; then the show returns. The dvd really ought to have about 5 seconds of black space to provide that beat. As it stands, the joke isn't given time to resonate, suspense isn't given time to build - the show's construction as n little acts ceases to make any dramatic sense.


Anonymous Le Chien Sale said...

I read an interview with Bob Newhart, who recalled explaining to a musician that correct timing in comedy is like a 1/32 note. I wish someone funny had said that.

15/10/05 00:48  
Blogger rilkefan said...

Maybe Victor Borgia?

In my experience anyway, an isolated 32nd note is usually written to indicate "really short" and doesn't actually have a precise time meaning. Maybe that's what your quote means - it's a feel thing.

15/10/05 10:41  

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