Saturday, September 10, 2005

Morro Bay

In Morro Bay
There's one direction no one looks
It goes unmentioned in the tourists' books
A greater shock
Than the giant hemispheric rock
That cannot be
Is what you see
Before you learn to look away
In Morro Bay

In Morro Bay
The shops and houses face one way
They stare out at the blue
And keep just out of view
A sin God cannot pardon
In the garden
Behind the used bookstore's a chapel
Where someone might offer you Eve's apple
Ask you to stay
In Morro Bay

In Morro Bay
Where movie stars once came to play
A round of golf and dine
Just tourists drink the local wine
You don't need an illusionist
If you can make believe that bad things don't exist
There's much less altered flesh here on display
Than in LA

In Morro Bay
You feel ok
Once you have drowned your sorrow
The water tastes like sand
And isn't in demand
Here happiness is something you can borrow
Not keep for any pay
In Morro Bay

In Morro Bay
At end of day
Your heart turns cold
Your rear-view mirror turns to gold
But you'll be back someday
To Morro Bay



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