Monday, August 29, 2005

We're going to have sheep

Continuing on with my worst nightmares, there's an interesting article about "green burial" in the 29 August New Yorker (the one with all the naked people on the cover). The article is by Tad Friend, is entitled "The Shroud of Marin", and is behind a subscription wall. Tyler Cassity, the subject of the article, turns out to be something of a genius in the cemetery business and something of a psychopath in human relationships. A few people are trying to encourage environmentally friendly burial, with the additional idea of thereby financing and insuring the preservation of the involved (and surrounding) land as wilderness. Some of them had the bad luck to run into Cassity, which provides Friend with plenty of wacky or painful moments to describe. Early in the article we learn that Cassity plans to have sheep graze on a green (or sort of green, or partly, or advertised as but ..) cemetery he's developing in Marin, and (as you know if you've read this post), I immediately knew he'd turn out to be evil.


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