Saturday, August 20, 2005

Another Obsidian Wings comment

From a conversation about the possibly-permanent bases in Iraq and the unclear war policy goals of the admin generally:
Without the blueprints in my hands, I can't know if the Iraqi bases are built on rock or shifting sands. I can look in Bush and Cheney's faces, and at the souls behind (and wish them to the Hague), or try to read Don Rumsfeld's mind, or check the price of Halliburton stock. But that's all vague, and sand is made from rock.

More on verse and blogging can be found later in the thread.

Also, commenter ral points out that the first sentence of this article I linked to is striking:
From the ashes of abandoned Iraqi army bases, U.S. military engineers are overseeing the building of an enhanced system of American bases designed to last for years.
This reminds me of this fierce Philip Levine poem for some reason.

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