Thursday, September 22, 2005

Armando hurts Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan hurts himself

The other day I considered commenting on this front page post at Daily Kos. Armando, currently the most active front page poster there, has long had a bee in his bonnet about Larry Summers's remarks on gender disparities in math/science hires at Harvard - here's a comment at DK arguing with him, and see the thread for references to older squabbles on the subject. Of course there's plenty of room for arguing the science and sociology of gender differences, but Armando wants to frame the debate in an intellectually dishonest way. I didn't post because beyond actually doing better studies, no one is going to get at the truth of the matter, and because Armando is otherwise a valuable contributor to DK.

I'm posting now because Andrew Sullivan, who's at least equally stupid on the subject of _The Bell Curve_, has noticed the post in question (but not the corrective comments) and gets on his high-horse about "leftist blog credibility".

I doubt stupidity is structurally sound enough to make a mountain of it, otherwise I'd make a comment about piling Pelion on Ossa.


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