Friday, July 15, 2005

Dust in the Subaru

Heard the oddest commercial this morning on AM 960, the Air America station in the Bay Area.

Cue "Dust in the Wind", the classic and slightly cliché Kansas song (from the beautiful _Point of Know Return_, my copy of which melted in the trunk of a friend's car back in the '80s).
Lyrics:"Dust in the wind/All we are is dust in the wind."
Voice 0 says, 'Hey, "DitW" on vinyl'.
V1: 'Yeah, and there's a cool message if you play it backwards'.
V2: 'Blah blah Subaru something-or-other blah blah.'
V0: 'That song was really ahead of its time.'
Lyrics:"Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky./It slips away/And all your money won't another minute buy..."

(Actually, they don't play the second lyric, just back to "Dust in the wind" - that was just in my head.) A deeply loopy ad, selling cars using a song about the impermanence of man and man's creation aside.

Update: slightly more here.


Blogger Chuchundra said...

Some years ago, there was a luxury car commercial that used the the Shaker hymm "Simple Gifts". If I could think of one thing that Simple Gifts is NOT about, it would be an expensive automobile.

17/7/05 09:58  
Blogger rilkefan said...

Maybe they were going for the association of the Shakers with exquisite craftmanship and purity of design?

Yes, I am running a fever.

17/7/05 10:06  

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