Monday, May 30, 2005


An old friend of dubious taste and veracity writes, "I thought your wedding poem was awesome. Saw a lot of nodding heads from the coupled contingent."

My then wife-to-be and I read each other brief statements during the ceremony. Hers - a list of reasons why she was marrying me - got a lot of laughs and mmhmms. When she had finished, I got out my little black poetry notebook, at which point someone said distinctly, "This had better be good." I threw a mock dirty glance in that general direction and launched into my poem to my bride. It wasn't long enough for people to get too fidgety or drowsy - I read my wife verse when she can't get to sleep.

Afterwards I learned that the "This better" comment had been sotto voce - so sotto that my mom asked what had been said and was told audibly by someone in her row. The fact is that my now-wife is a tough act to follow.

My brother and best man is, too. Here he is performing the beautiful song he wrote for us.

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