Monday, May 30, 2005

The elongated square gyrobicupola

In case you're bored by icosahedrons, here's a cool solid that was new to me. The associated Wiki pages are a lot of fun to click through. I did not know that Fat Man was built like a soccer ball.

Particle physics aside: so there are 92 Johnson solids and 5 Platonic solids, 5 sorts of finite simple groups (see another rocking math site), etc. etc. - what's wrong with having just three kinds of charged leptons? Probably this is a frequent comment on string theory slides shown after I nod off.


Anonymous Le Chien Sale said...

Don't forget the "Archimedean solids" which are vertex symmetric, but not face symmetric. Apparently lots of viruses prefer to live inside Archimedean-solid protein shells.

For doubtlessly crucial future reference, here is a complete named list (scroll down to it) of all the Johnson solids. Perhaps one could be used on the cover of the next album by Anthony and the...

4/6/05 22:13  

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