Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm not grumpy (for dutchmarbel)

(as usual click for larger image)

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Blogger dutchmarbel said...


Glad to see things are fine, I suddenly remembered that you had to see a doctor a little while ago. You can go back to normal grump now ;)

25/9/07 22:37  
Blogger rilkefan said...

Fortunately he gets along pretty well with doctors. We do have a little procedure scheduled in a few months, but after that hopefully it will be only once or twice a year that we have to see one.

25/9/07 23:01  
Blogger dutchmarbel said...

My middle one has been operated 5 times (extensively) on his ear befor his 7th birtday last May. It's heartbreaking how brave kids can be if they need to. But I'm soooooo happy we're back to just checkups (hopefully for the next 6, 7 years) - weirdly enough it's more of an issue for me than for him.

26/9/07 05:16  

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