Sunday, July 27, 2008


Maybe it's some nesting thing - I've finally gotten rid of my blogroll links to places I no longer read, due to their intolerance of atheism (Mark Kleiman), CDS and general mission failure (ObWi), inability to acknowledge blatant misuse of "mendacious" even when directed to a dictionary (Uggabugga), penchant for self-satisfied risibly-argued posts like this [and see comments] (Philosoraptor), or just lack of interest (etc.) - and without the detailed discussion my lack of energy for which was preventing said cleanup. Maybe I'll replace them with new links over the course of several tardy years if something better comes along. Suggestions (esp. for good poetry blogs) gratefully accepted.



Blogger Winston Smith said...

After stumbling on this post, I'm glad you're dropping me, Rilkefan. And, er, maybe you need to look up the word 'risible'...

8/9/08 15:10  
Blogger rilkefan said...

Glad to be of service, ws. You seem to be an ok guy, despite not being a thoughtful blogger.

And since you seem to be dictionary-impaired, as well as unable to follow a simple logical argument: "risible - Eliciting laughter; ludicrous."

8/9/08 15:20  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

And have fun yourself, R'fan. You, too, seem like an alright guy, despite having a fairly pronounced inclination to over-estimate your own logical abilities.

Though you don't reason terribly well, and so aren't very good at distinguishing sound arguments from unsound ones, I get the feeling that, beneath the sort of aimless and unpredictable aggressiveness, you want to do the right thing.

So good luck. Probably see you around the intertubes.

8/9/08 18:11  
Blogger rilkefan said...

Kinda missed your acknowledgment that you a) didn't know what "risible" means and b) embarrassingly called me out on my correct use of it. Oh well.

8/9/08 20:12  
Blogger dutchmarbel said...

I expected this to end in man hugs ;)

(just reading up Rilkefan, been too busy to read many blogs so have considerable backlog)

24/11/08 15:32  

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