Monday, October 16, 2006

A new verse, free

I learned a song somewhere or other - it's Rilkekind's favorite:

Up in the forest in a nest in a tree
Lived an old mother robin and her little chicks three.
"Chirp!" said the mother; "we chirp!" said the three;
And they chirped and were glad in their nest in the tree.

Out in the city in a cage in a zoo
Lived an old mother lion and her little cubs two.
"Roar!" said the mother; "we roar!" said the two;
And they roared and were glad in their cage in the zoo.

Down by the river on a bank in the sun
Lived an old mother toad and her little toad one.
"Croak!" said the mother; "I croak!" said the one;
And they croaked and were glad on their bank in the sun.

Well, the above is how I sing it, anyway. Rilkekind especially likes it when I roll the "r"s and do the first "chirp" etc. in a chest voice and the second in a head voice. No doubt I'll find a link to the melody one of these days.

Here's another verse I've started adding:

Out in the vacuum far away from the sun
Lived an old mother nothing and her little not none.
"Don't!" said the mother; "I won't!" said the none;
And they didn't and were glad far away from the sun.

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