Tuesday, January 15, 2013

dxmachina on the Republicans

dxmachina commenting on a Kevin Drum post:
Go back to 19th c. France, and you see get the same thing. A royalist party in a parliament has no real interest in participation in parliamentary government. Their purpose for being is to shut the assembly down, and hasten the Restoration thereby. It's illegitimate anyways, why bother getting involved in its smooth running? When the rightful King-Emperor comes into his own again, the real work of government -- courtiers jockeying for grace and favor, pensions and preferment, governorships and royal monopolies -- can return. And parliament can go back to its real role -- a talking-shop that occasionally votes the King credits for his wars. The weirdest transformation of political terminology hasn't been what happened to the word 'liberal' since the days of John Stuart Mill -- it's what happened to the word 'republican'. They're divine-right monarchists -- spaniels looking for their King Charles.


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